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Lindsay Tutors provide highly qualified private English Language Tutors based in Saitama. Live online language lessons with native English speaking teachers. Our qualified, committed teachers and tutors across Japan are committed.

The Lindsay Tutors Private English Language lesson's general goal is to help those who are interested in improving overall language proficiency. Our ESL is divided into two disciplines: Comprehension (Reading/Listening) and Expression (Writing/Speaking).

There are four levels of study in each discipline, There are four levels of study in each discipline, including Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate levels for business lessons. 


Get equipped to speak fluently and confidently through the hands of  the Best Private English language lessons face to face or online for our English speaking online lessons, LindsayTutors.com! The team is made of professional English language teachers who provide online Skype video tuition, and are well-trained in the use of tutoring in their native English language as a medium of communication and are always ready to prepare you for specific tasks that may lie ahead of you. Become an expert user of the English language in no time. Let us help you achieve your dreams, and learn English speaking.

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with English speaking classes services, and if at any point, you are dissatisfied with any of our tutors, we will immediately replace such. Improve Your Practical English Language Skills With Lindsays’ Tutors are native/ English speakers, and certified Private English Teachers!

LindsayTutors.com aim is to become a platform for private English language tutor and students looking to learn English speaking online., we will be adding more foreign languages including native Japanese to our platform, at a later date.


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Learn online through one to one language classes with our qualified, experienced, native speaking tutors, get talking through live conversation, it's what learning to speak English or any other new language is all about.

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Tailored to each pupil's needs! FOR PRIVATE AND CORPORATE CLIENTS IN JAPAN

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“ Thanks a lot for the quick response. I was really impressed, your private English lessons is excellent!! Your competence is justified!! you and your language services.”


S Akagi, Tochigi

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Too shy for a group class? Prefer to get personal English Tuition? Get private lessons, confidential instruction from your teacher via Skype online, Then why not study English online with LindsayTutors.com

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